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Infoseite // Brief History on Apple ProRes RAW

Frage von pillepalle:

Das könnte interessant sein. Sofern es nicht in eine reine Werbeveranstaltung ausartet.

Das schreibt Steve Bayes über sich bei LinkedIn:

I retired from Apple in 2018 after 12.5 years in Product Marketing for Professional Applications. Now I am engaged in a range of interesting products being developed for the film and video industry. This includes consulting, advising and investing to use my 30 years of expertise in post-production, product development and tech marketing to enable entrepreneurs to be successful, go public or potentially be acquired.

After graduating from Northwestern U. with a film degree, I did a little bit of everything in video until eventually ending up as a video editor. I then became the first certified instructor for Avid Technology and helped to create curriculum, certified instructors worldwide and wrote The Avid Handbook in 1998.

In 1996 I became the Principle Product Designer for the Academy Award winning Avid Media Composer as well as Symphony, DS Nitris products, designing new versions until 2004. I then left the corporate world for a short time to take up consulting/ training/ DVD producing.

I became Director of Product Marketing for Media 100 and one of the 3 executives in charge of the turnaround and sale.

Since Jan 2006 I was the Senior Product Manager for Final Cut Pro at Apple Inc. I have product managed multiple pro applications as well as the Emmy Award winning ProRes and ProRes RAW, Apple's professional video codecs. The FCP user base increased from 500K to 2mil, growing at twice the rate of the industry and almost 55% of professional new purchases.

I spent my last 8 years at Apple product managing FCP X, a revolutionary change for post production - from writing the original product requirements to the final web page copy and sales demos. FCP X continues to grow at a pace never before seen in professional post production with 28 releases in 7 yrs. It continues to move into new markets for video and is currently the best selling version of FCP ever with well over 2.5 million seats.

Specialties: Product design, professional video editing, product manager for video products, marketing to video production community, author technical books/articles, product demo creation, professional presenter, product evangelist. Co-inventor of 5 US patents.



Noch was unklar? Dann in unserem Forum nachfragen
Zum Original-Thread / Zum Postproduktion allgemein-Forum

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