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Traurig aber wahr: Next Wave Films wird geschloßen

[12:37 So,1.September 2002 [d]  von ]    

Soeben hat uns die traurige Nachricht erreicht, dass einer der einflußreichsten Förderer des amerikanischen digitalen Independentfilms: Next Wave Films, gesponsert vom Independent Film Channel, geschloßen wird. Der Independent Film wird es in Zukunft damit nicht gerade leichter haben, sein Publikum zu finden: Aber - wann hatte er es schon leicht? Erfolgreiche Independent Filme wird es natürlich weiter geben - trotzdem schade. Einen Gruß von hier aus an das engagierte Team von Next Wave Films.

Anbei der Abschiedsbrief aus der Redaktion von Next Wave :

August 29, 2002

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As many of you already know, Next Wave Films is being closed by the Independent Film Channel, effective immediately. Even though IFC is getting out of the finishing funds business, it will shepherd the films that received support from Next Wave. The person to contact at IFC for anything related to these films or other Next Wave matters is Holly Becker who can be reached at: nextwave@rainbow-media.com or IFC Productions, 11 Penn Plaza, 15th Fl., NY, NY 10001.

Deepest Thanks from Team Next Wave

We created Next Wave Films to help exceptional filmmakers launch their careers. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to provide vital support to a roster of remarkable filmmakers. They are well on their way and will be making amazing movies for years to come.

Next Wave was founded on the belief that creativity, originality, and passion will prevail whatever the budget, which was irrefutably demonstrated by our filmmakers. They have also shown the power of digital moviemaking. Starting in 1998, Team Next Wave had the chance - through presentations, articles, and our website - to help filmmakers understand how new digital tools could empower them. We also had the opportunity to finish and finance outstanding digital movies that could not have been made on film.

We would like to thank the Independent Film Channel for financing Next Wave through five and a half exhilarating years. We could not have done our work without the remarkable support and generosity of our advisors, colleagues, and friends across the country and around the world.

We are greatly indebted to festivals, journalists, and distributors, all of whom play vital roles in creating awareness for independent features and documentaries. We are grateful to all of the filmmakers who gave us the chance to consider their projects. We were honored that the filmmakers we were able to support trusted us with their films, and struggled so diligently alongside us to bring them into the world.

From the earliest days of Next Wave, we have had the privilege of working with incredible teammates, who shared the same dedication, spirit, and tenacity that independent filmmakers also need to succeed. Each of these teammates made a vital contribution to Next Wave. They include Tara Veneruso, Liz Rosenthal, Judy Scott, Chris Holbrook, Gert Basson, Marcy Drogin, Aaron Vanek, Marina Zenovich, and Holly Becker, who is now the point person for things Next Wave at IFC.

While these are hard times for the distribution of independent films, we believe the future is bright. Thanks to the Digital Revolution, access to production has never been greater. Independents will continue to make singular and memorable movies. As has been repeatedly demonstrated, there is a substantial audience eager to see smart, original, and daring films. New routes are being developed to connect these films and audiences, both here and abroad.

During our time at Next Wave, our faith in the power of independents was continually reinforced. We have seen more and more filmmakers take their fate in their own hands and will their movies into existence. Though the company has closed, we believe the spirit of Next Wave will live on. Thank you for all of your incredible support, and keep on fighting to make extraordinary movies.

Onward and upward,

Team Next Wave: Peter Broderick, Mark Stolaroff, Sylvia Terry, Gayatri Persad, and Tara Veneruso.

We look forward to working together in the future. For things unrelated to Next Wave, you can reach us at:

Peter Broderick - 310-399-3455 (fax)
Office Address: 2510 7th Street, Suite E, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Team Next Wave

Link mehr Informationen bei www.nextwavefilms.com


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