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Interviews : Was hat Magix mit Vegas Pro vor? Gary Rebholz über die Zukunft

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 Interview with Gary Rebholz, Product Owner Vegas Pro and Movie Studio with MAGIX

Interview with Gary Rebholz, Product Owner Vegas Pro and Movie Studio with MAGIX

It´s great to hear that not only are code, patents etc. acquired, but that there also will be a personal continuity with Gary Rebholz joining MAGIX. How about code developers and programmers -- will any of them switch too or will there be a completely new team? Where will future Vegas Pro development take place, in the USA? Or will MAGIX programmers also be involved?

We have assembled a small yet talented core group of developers to work on Vegas in our Madison, Wisconsin office. All are former Sony employees and some are original developers stretching back to Sonic Foundry. In other words, the development team has deep experience working with Vegas Pro. They understand the product and have an unmatched passion for development into the future. In addition, the team will have access to development resources and assistance from technology experts on our development teams based in Germany. The development effort will be well supported.

A new Vegas Pro Version is scheduled for autumn. Will there be any substantial changes made until then, or will it be more of a rebranding thing?

Several new features are planned for the autumn release along with the rebranding effort and significant bug fixes and stability work.

Which are the key areas to be addressed first within Vegas? Which new functions can be expected? Could you elaborate a little on "heavily oriented toward the customer requirements of today"?

We will focus on striking a balance between important performance/stability work and new/improved functionality that customers are already asking us for. We have an engaged and enthusiastic user base that has already provided us with a wealth of ideas on where they´d like to see us go next.

Concerning the QuickTime Security Flaw: will Vegas get the native ProRes support (which MAGIX already has implemented for its own software)? What about HEVC/H.265 support?

These two critically important issues are definitely at the top of our list for consideration in upcoming versions.

Are there plans to unify the codebase throughout the MAGIX/Vegas universe?

We are ruling nothing out at this point. Where such unification might make sense, we will certainly consider the most efficient path forward for all of our applications.

Wird denn Vegas unter dem gleichen Namen weitergeführt? Oder kommt da vielleicht noch irgendwie ein X dahinter ;-)

We will maintain and continue the Vegas brand. We are currently evaluating the versioning options for future releases.

Wie wird es denn nun mit MAGIX Pro X weitergehen -- soll die Applikation künftig parallel neben Vegas weiterbestehen und entwickelt werden, und wenn ja wie werden sie gegenseitig positioniert? Oder wird evtl. Pro X von Vegas ersetzt werden?

All products currently in the MAGIX line will continue to be developed into the future.

Wie sieht es mit Movie Studio aus -- auch dieses Programm soll laut PM ja weitergeführt werden. Ist hier wirklich keine Zusammenführung mit der MAGIX DeLuxe Serie in irgendeiner Form geplant...?

There is room for both Movie Studio and existing MAGIX video editing software, and we will continue to develop all existing titles. This improved product offering enables us to effectively serve both different user profiles and different geographical markets.

Wie soll es auf der Sound Schiene weitergehen: sollen auch Sound Forge und ACID Pro neben Samplitude weitergeführt werden?

Samplitude remains the DAW (digital audio workstation) powerhouse that the industry has come to rely on, and it will continue to grow and thrive. With the addition of Sound Forge, SpectraLayers, and ACID Pro, we have exciting new options for serving the audio market. We continue to evaluate these options.

Thank you, Gary Rebholz (Product Owner) and Sven Kardelke (CPO Video / Foto)


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Interview with Gary Rebholz, Product Owner Vegas Pro and Movie Studio with MAGIX

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wolfgang    12:14 am 4.6.2016
Scheint geplant zu sein dass es das auch weiter geben wird.
kruspel    10:57 am 4.6.2016
Hoffentlich wird Movie Studio Platinum auch noch weiter entwickelt, reicht für mich eigentlich.
Habenichts    20:00 am 2.6.2016
Alles gut. Im Grunde frage ich mich nur warum kleben die ein Verkaufspreis ,den sie eigentlich nur kurzzeitigst verlangen, auf ihr Produkt. Find´s irgendwie merkwürdig. Aber...weiterlesen
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