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Tips : TWEAKS for Windows XP for Video Editing (v 1.0)

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(David LaBorde - 2001)

[This document may be copied and distributed without permission or monetary compensation. It may not be modified or changed with out the author's permission. It may not be sold for personal monetary gain nor included in manufacturer equipment manuals / literature unless otherwise approved by the author. If anyone has comments or suggestions, they should send an email to : dlaborde@shabakah.net.sa ]

Preface & Disclaimer

The purpose of this document is to provide a comprehensive guide to understand and optimize a PC based video editing system using the new Windows XP â Operating System. The optimization steps are proven techniques and are in agreement with normal optimization practices for Windows based Operating Systems. Hardware and software technology is ever changing and the user should be diligent to understand techniques, interactions, changes and developments that may supercede those outlined in this document. Although technology has made hardware and software integration much easier, simplistic and less prone to human error (at installation); this author cannot be responsible for system / hardware failures and/or program crashes as well as destruction of files. This author cannot cover nor continuously update all combinations of hardware, operating system upgrades, driver upgrades and installation scenarios. It is up to the user to understand techniques utilized and to understand software differences as well as obtain driver upgrades and patches as they become available. Items noted that conflict or contradict manufactures recommendations should not be done without understanding and rather replaced / revised with the manufacture's recommendation.

This document is not designed to eliminate or minimize the need for "turnkey" video editing systems. The guide provides details for each action item but is also written with the assumption that the reader is familiar with terminology and procedures for PC hardware, software and video editing equipment. It is not intended to provide novices with enough information to become turnkey integrators. Many videographers would benefit from "turnkey" systems rather than building and/or optimizing (tweaking) their own systems. Though cost effective and rewarding; building your own system can be very time consuming and tedious. Video editing systems can become complex and users would benefit from experienced system integrators to best utilize their money and time.

Since this document utilizes standard practices and software adjustments; it is rational to understand that certain items may be very similar in grammar and/or content to those found in other documentation. No items were intentionally copied directly from other sites or literature other than references to directives & info published by the OS developer (Microsoft). Readers must understand that there are only so many ways to communicate a particular task, technology and/or system optimization. Any familiarity of content with other documents is by coincidence. Many programming / software adjustments and task identification (steps) must be exact and precise. Therefore, these items would match exactly with those documented by others. All items / steps in this document are written by this author utilizing experiences with the new operating system and notes written over years of practice. References to actual hardware & software products are for explanation, integration and optimization purposes only - names and products are under control of manufactures copyrights, patents and registered trademarks.

Registry Enhancements / Support Enhancements

22 Seiten:
Registry Enhancements / Support Enhancements
Improved Low-Memory Performance / blue screen / I/O Throttling / System Restore
Changes in Existing I/O Features / Defragmentation APIs / Memory Management Enhancements
Support of "Giant" Drivers / Improved Boot and Logon Performance
Device Driver Rollback / Last Known Good Configuration / System Restore Enhancements / System File Protection
Remote Desktop / Offline Files and Folders / Encrypting File System / Access Control / Centralized administration / Group Policy / Software Installation and Maintenance / Roaming User Profiles / Remote Installation Service (RIS) / Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI) add-on / Scalable processor support / Local Group Policy Editor
Start / Run / ( Note - Win XP was a fresh install - I am not sure of the success or failures from an upgrade installation / It is however, the longest one, the rest of the TWEAKS are not near as long. / Start > / Settings > / Control Panel > / Administrative Tools >Services / Start / Programs / Administrative Tools / Services / if
services.msc / msconfig / total / Startup Type / Disabled, Automatic or Manual / Apply / Ok / Disable / Manual / Human Interface Device Access / Routing and Remote Access / Universal Plug and Play Device Host / Remote Registry
I am not / network or an internet connection / manual
. / controller / PIO Only / Ok / reboot / . / / What is Virtual memory? / pages / dvanced / Virtual Memory / Change / Custom Size
different / over / dvanced
Programs / Programs. / Apply / Visual Effects / adjust for best performance / Apply / performance and maintenance / System / Turn off automatic updating / Ok / Note - Some of the following TWEAKS involve Registry Changes. / Start > Control Panel > System / Advanced Tab / "error reporting" / Disable error reporting
" but notify me when a critical error occurs". / My Computer / Properties / System Restore / Properties / Appearance Tab / Effects / Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts / Clear Type. / Properties / Auto Play / Action / Or you can : / Start / Run / gpedit.msc / Computer Config / Administrative Template / System / Turn off Autoplay / Enable it / is suppose to be enabled
Start / Run / Regedit / Enter / HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfrg\BootOptimizeFunction / Enable / Modify / Y / N / Start / Run / regedit / Enter / / HKCURRENTUSER\Control Panel\Desktop\" / "WaitToKillAppTimeout" / 4000 / "HKLOCALMACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\WaitToKillServiceTimeout / Start / Run / regedit / Enter / HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Explorer/RemoteComputer/NameSpace / {D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF} / delete it / Reboot. / Start / Run / regedit
Enter / HKEY_CURRENT_USERControlPanelDesktop / MenuShowDelay / Modify / 100 / Reboot / CHKDSK / you have to initiate it - not automatic / My Computer / Properties / Tools / Error-checking / Check Now / Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box. / Start
Run / regedit / Enter / HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem. / Dword / NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate. Set value to 1 / / T / S / R / Start / Run / msconfig / Enter / Startup) / Untick / RUNDLL32 / "Ticked", / Untick" / Findfast / tbctray / MxvfxStartup / Ticked / "Untick"
reboot / It utilizes CPU cycles that could be better used in your other applications. / Run / regedit / Enter / [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] / Value Data: / 0xffffff9d / 0xffffff9d / 0xffffff9d
You are at your own risk if you try other TWEAKS than those I list / diskperf -n
Start / Run / Regedit / HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSet/Control/Session Manager/Memory Management / NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreationDisableLastAccessUpdat / regedit / "write cache enabled" / ticked / Disable Tagged Queuing
only / Disable Synchronous Transfers / only / Stop / Control Panel / Power Options / APM / Enable Advanced Power Management Support / A little more information on "Last Known Good ,System Restore & Driver Rollback are below : / Options
Print / Print / Start / Shut Down / Restart / OK / Please select the operating system to start / Last Known Good Configuration / Last Known Good Configuration

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