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Frage von Frank Glencairn:

Interessanter Ansatz.
Let’s be honest: production pipelines can be enormously frustrating at times – especially if you shoot commercials, have tons of client projects, and collaborate with different filmmakers. Ever seen a desperate 1st AD calling each member of the 20-people crew to reschedule the shoot? Or found yourself lost in countless Google documents with shooting plans, Notion boards, and Asana task lists? These are exactly the issues that the new production software PRODUCER – Maker Machina aims to solve. Together with seasoned filmmaker Christoph Tilley from MXR Productions, we decided to take it into the field and give the creators (and you) our honest feedback on what this software can and cannot do. ... -software/


Noch was unklar? Dann in unserem Forum nachfragen
Zum Original-Thread / Zum Filmemachen-Forum

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