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Infoseite // Gratis Color Process online Seminar

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2

Frage von Frank Glencairn:

00:10 – Introductions
02:10 – Live Webinar Prize Giveaway Announcement
04:10 – Hector Berrebi Introduction
05:10 – Why are we celebrating RGB Day, today?
06:53 – What are you *actually* doing (in the real world) when you’re color correcting an image?
08:20 – A closer look at a modern display (and RGB in action)
12:40 – Why color is such a hard topic to discuss or explain (and the definition of Qualia)
17:03 – How the CIE standards organization defines light as being more than just a physical phenomena
18:21 – How it’s possible to see the color ‘red’ in an image when there are no actual red pixels in that image (this is the Twitter account of the experimental psychologist that Hector mentions)
20:22 – A super-abbreviated history of color theory through the ages (Theory of Colours, Kindle version, Amazon USA)
22:15 – Why color theory is important to professionals and why Maxwell’s photograph ushered in a new visual era
24:05 – Color, its relationship to light, and Sir Isaac Newton’s breakthrough in our understanding of light
26:00 – The very first color system, developed by Newton
28:11 – Newton’s hue system as visualized by David Briggs (
31:09 – Question: What about the correlation between colors and feeling?
33:22 – From Newton to Maxwell, a man who laid the foundation for much of modern science (and you probably never heard about)
34:51 – Mapping human color vision… with spinning tops – and proving the human trichromatic visual system
38:28 – Using three triangles to calculate a single point in a larger triangle – creating a color coordinate system
43:09 – A simple demonstration of RGB color theory basics
44:18 – No light? No color.
47:11 – If light is color, what frequency is pink?
48:12 – Fundamentals of the human visual system
50:02 – The (visual) difference between ‘real space’ and ‘display space’
51:14 – Photopic Vision: Non-linear receptors
53:02 – Maxwell’s first color photograph is a proof of concept
55:50 – Maxwell was brilliant. But he was also lucky.
61:54 – Black, white, RGB pixels, and luminous perceptual ratios (oh, my)
64:02 – Maxwell’s 160-year legacy to us, today
64:55 – The 1931 CIE Chromaticity chart
67:06 – How the Standard Observers, observed
69:36 – What is chromaticity?
70:40 – Why the 1931 CIE Chromaticity chart is the foundation of display systems
72:06 – Question: What does it seem camera systems have extra green representation?
75:10 – Upcoming SMPTE+ seminars
76:29 – Recreating Maxwell’s original photographic projection, using DaVinci Resolve (implementing Maxwell’s RGB color theory via the CIE Chromaticity chart)
79:19 – Fun with RGB in DaVinci Resolve using the Layer Mixer’s ‘Color’ composite mode
81:07 – The ‘Chromatic Adaptation’ ResolveFX plug-in
83:35 – Color correcting with Channels in DaVinci Resolve
84:09 – Thank you and goodbye ... s-webinar/


Noch was unklar? Dann in unserem Forum nachfragen
Zum Original-Thread / Zum Videoschnitt Allgemein-Forum

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