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Raindance Film Festival
1-10. Oktober 2004 / London
Einsendeschluss15 . Juli 2004
BeschreibungRaindance is the biggest indie fest in Europe, and spans the full spectrum of the art, craft and business of independent movies - from guerilla style low or no budget production through to big budget indie blockbusters. The festival aims to reflect the cultural, visual and narra-tive diversity of the international independent filmmaking community and specialises in films by first-time directors. Raindance accepts fictional, documentary and experimental features, short films, pop promos, and children’s films for the Raindance Kids Film Festival.
TeilnahmebedingungenSubmissions are reviewed and selected under the following criteria:
– Quality of narrative and production values
– Independent nature of the production
– Limitations and availability of screening slots
– Availability of film rights for distribution
Jury Prizes for Best Feature, Best Short, Best Documentary, Debut
Feature, UK Feature and UK Short are presented at the festival.
Submission fees from 15 - 75 Pounds.
Ort London
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