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Directors Lounge 2010
11-21. Februar 2010 / Berlin
Einsendeschluss27 . Dezember 2009
BeschreibungWe want you!
"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
"- Douglas Adams
Directors Lounge 2010 February 11. - 21. Berlin
Deadline Jan 10th 2010

• You would like to show your work at the Directors Lounge ?

• Great.
 First, submit your work with this form (required). Feel free to mail us additional infos along with a few words about your person. To decide if we would like to present your work we will need a viewing-copy, preferably a DVD-compatible mpeg.

• We welcome proposals, concepts, any kind of input but please understand
that we may not consider submissions for the show in february after the 10th of January.
Several follow-ups are in the pipeline and we encourage you to get in touch with us.


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Directors Lounge started in 2005 as an experiment, a relaxed space for filmmakers, videoartists and everybody interested in experimental forms of cinema and videoart, during The Berlin International Film Festival. Directors Lounge functioned as a hideaway, a meeting point and also as a starting point for new creative collaborations.

Directors Lounge - contemporary art and media

Directors Lounge television

everything else
Preis(*)• Directors Lounge is a non-profit, zero-budget-project offering all shows free of charge. Consequently, we will not pay any charge nor are we able to support any concept financially.
VeranstalterDirectors Lounge
OrtGalerie Meinblau, Pfefferberg
Christinenstraße 18
10119 Berlin
KontaktHerr Andrι Werner
Telefon: 49-30-42780569
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