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Video Assist Monitor, jetzt als Streaming Lösung für jede Kamera

Verfasst: Mi 25 Nov, 2020 08:18
von Frank Glencairn
Today we released a major new update for Blackmagic Video Assist which adds webcam support to the USB-C connection. This new feature let’s you connect to computers and live stream video using any major streaming software or platform, such as Open Broadcaster, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Skype, Zoom, Twitch and more, in full HD resolution 1080p quality. When you connect video assist to your computer the software is tricked into seeing it as a common webcam, when it’s actually streaming the incoming SDI or HDMI source from a camera or playing back previously recorded content. With the new webcam support you can even live stream your shoot to clients from a remote location, anywhere in the world.
This update also adds support for audio channel mapping and audio monitoring channel selection on Blackmagic Video Assist 3G models as well as XLR audio mapping and timecode features for the 7" 3G model.
Blackmagic Video Assist is essentially now five products in one. It’s a portable monitor, a professional recorder, a portable scope, a fantastic camera viewfinder solution and now a webcam for streaming video. You can also add better quality record codecs and a larger monitor to any SDI or HDMI camera. Blackmagic Video Assist 3G and 12G models include innovations such as 4 built in scopes, enhanced focus assist features, a tally indicator and built in 3D LUTs. The 3G models support formats up to 1080p60 and the 12G HDR models up to 2160p60. The 12G HDR models have a brighter touch screen for shooting HDR digital film and for outdoor shooting in sunlight.