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Update: Adobe Premiere Pro CC und After Effects CC mit vielen Bug-fixes

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Die neuen Versionen von Premiere Pro (CC 2015.2) sowie After Effects (CC 2015 / 13.7) stehen im Zeichen der Fehlerbehebung; nachdem die Listen der Bug-Fixes ziemlich umfassend ausfallen, siehe unten, empfiehlt Adobe allen Anwendern, ihre Software entsprechend upzudaten .

Bei Premiere Pro ist neben den Bugfixes eine neue High Quality Playback Option hinzugekommen, bei After Effects ist das aktualisierte Maxon CINEWARE 3.0 PluginPlugin im Glossar erklärt enthalten für die Arbeit mit Cinema4D-Dateien und die Cache Before Playback Option wurde verbessert. Außerdem läßt sich einstellen, daß Projekte vorm Starten der Renderqueue automatisch zwischengespeichert werden.

Behobene Fehler / Premiere Pro CC 2015.2:

- Adobe Stock and CC Libraries could not be used by users who connect to the internet using proxy servers.
- Premiere Pro could not launch on Windows systems with AMD Phenom 2 processors.
- Users of Wacom tablets could experience interface lag.
- Multiple fixes with Adobe Stock support.
- Dissolves displayed incorrectly on OS X El Capitan when working in CUDA mode.
- Crashing issues when Warp Stabilizer re-analyzes.
- DNxHDDNxHD im Glossar erklärt MXFMXF im Glossar erklärt import sometimes failed.
- Titles could not be imported via the Import dialog on Mac.
- Playback could stop when audio input was set to digital on Mac.
- Synchronizing by audio waveform could give inaccurate results.
- Double clicking a clip or sequence when the Project panel is in icon mode did not open the item.
- Soft Subclips could appear with black thumbnails in the Project panel.
- Rendered files sometimes did not maintain sequence start time.
- A crash occurred with importing .wav files from Fostex DC-R 302 recorders.
- Moving the info panel could cause a crash.
- AVCi100 OP-Atom MXFMXF im Glossar erklärt files from Avid displayed incorrectly.
- Audio drop-outs occurred on export.
- The final frame of a nested sequence displayed incorrectly when using optical flow with GPU enabled.
- Merged Clips could become corrupted when round-tripping via FCP XML.
- PSD files caused Premiere Pro to stop responding when closing a project.
- Live Text Templates with more then one parameter often lost render previews.
- Sync Settings did not respect system proxy settings on Windows machines.
- Specular highlights corrupted when exporting to non-PQ J2K files in HDR workflows.
- Merged Clips dropped into a sequence were unlinked.
- Premiere Pro project names incorrectly permitted the back and forward slash characters.
- Render files did not travel with transition and analysis data.
- Text layers in Live Text Templates displayed with jaggy edges.
- XML files exported from FCP 7 could show as corrupt sequences.
- Incorrect fonts were displayed when importing an XML from Annotation Edit software
- Reverse playback could occasionally not work.
- Panasonic 50i/60i .mp4 and .mov displayed incorrectly.
- Premiere Pro crashed if the preferences folder was set to be read only on Mac
- Exporting to QuickTime with MPEG-4 Enhanced Low Delay Audio could result in an Error Compiling Movie dialog.
- GPU playback and rendering failed with sequences containing the Track Matte effect.
- The About dialog showed an incorrect version number.
- Crashing could occur with AJA 12-bit HDR output in software mode.
- IMXIMX im Glossar erklärt 30 full-frame anamorphic exports were incorrectly exported as 4:3.
- Several situations where crashes could occur have been resolved.

Behobene Fehler / After Effects CC 2015 / 13.7

- Resizing a panel by dragging panel borders with a tablet pen (e.g. a Wacom tablet) no longer causes the pointer to continue to drag the panel border the next time you touch the pen down, or to unexpectedly begin dragging after a single click.
- Zooming with the mouse wheel in a Composition panel set to multiple views will again zoom the view under the pointer as expected, instead of only zooming the first view.
- Audio is no longer silent for the first 2 seconds of previews after the composition has been fully cached, if the Mute Audio When PreviewPreview im Glossar erklärt Is Not Real-time preference is enabled.
- Audio no longer plays out of sync if the frame rate of the comp or footage is different than the FrameFrame im Glossar erklärt Rate option in the PreviewPreview im Glossar erklärt panel.
- Visual artifacts no longer occur in layers that use time remapping with frame blending set to PixelPixel im Glossar erklärt Motion, or with Timewarp, Rolling ShutterShutter im Glossar erklärt Repair, and other effects that use the PixelPixel im Glossar erklärt Motion (optical flow) method.
- Antialiasing in viewer panels (Composition, LayerLayer im Glossar erklärt, Footage) is improved when downsampling (e.g., viewer resolution is set to full and zoom is set to 25%) and the Hardware Accelerate Composition, LayerLayer im Glossar erklärt, and Footage Panels option is enabled in Preferences > Display.
- Layers draw their contents as expected, instead of a wireframe, when you hold the Option (Mac OS) or Alt (Windows) key while dragging the anchor point with the Pan Behind tool.
- Fixed several cases where the render progress bar in the Composition panel failed to appear or update as expected after modifying a composition.
- Resetting a workspace to its saved layout no longer opens empty TimelineTimeline im Glossar erklärt panels.
- The Paint workspace now opens the Paint and Brushes panels instead of the Character and Paragraph panels.
- Audio-only previews no longer restore the workspace when the TimelineTimeline im Glossar erklärt panel or other non-viewer panels are maximized.
- Choosing Replace With After Effects Composition in Premiere Pro no longer fails with an error, “Importer reported a generic error”, if the Premiere Pro sequence is set to greater than 99fps. Note that while the new composition in After Effects will be at the expected frame rate, changing that composition’s settings will reduce its frame rate to 99fps. (99fps is the maximum value allowed by the Composition Settings dialog. This bug fix behaves similar to dragging footage that is greater than 99fps to the New Composition button at the bottom of the Project panel in After Effects.)
- Previews now play the composition, layer, or footage only once when the Loop control in the PreviewPreview im Glossar erklärt Panel is set to Play Once, even when the playback requires frames to be cached and causes it not to play in real-time. Note that when Cache Before Playback is enabled, the caching phase is separate and not considered to be playback; once all frames are cached, then the single playback loop begins.
- Scrolling in the Render Queue panel during rendering works again.
- Previewing with Full Screen enabled no longer causes an error message: internal verification failure, sorry! {no current context}
- After Effects no longer crashes when you select multiple keyframes, then open the KeyframeKeyframe im Glossar erklärt Velocity dialog and enable Continuous.
- Executing After Effects via the command line no longer fails if the file path to a project file or script contains “-ep”.


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